We encourage having a very good time, but we have a few policies we must enforce and a few safety tips we’d like to share.


  • Firearms: We do not allow hunting or target practice, please leave your firearms at home.
  • Fireworks: Fire can be a big hazard here, the fire trucks are far away, please leave your fireworks at home.
  • Motorized Vehicles: Bring your car, truck or motorcycle but leave the off road vehicles at home.
  • Dogs Off Leash: Your dog is going to love it here, we request that you keep them under voice command or on leash when in the vicinity of any cattle.
  • Smoking: If you smoke please do so outside and responsibly extinguish your device. There are ashtrays on the front porch and the screened porch.
  • Unregistered Guests: Feel free to have guests but only registered and paying guests are allowed on the farm after 10:00 pm.



  • Cattle: If you choose to venture out on the farm, and we hope you do, you may encounter cows along the way. They are fairly docile animals concerned only with the care of their calves and the consumption of the next clump of grass. You may have one or two approach you in hopes of a treat, we use them to call the cattle in for a head check or move them to the next grazing location. We choose our cattle carefully and one of the most important traits to us is a gentle and calm demeanor. If you ever feel like you need more room between you and the cows, and simply walking the other direction doesn’t do it, you can gently raise your arms and holler a bit. They’ll get the idea and move on. Please keep your dog on a leash or under voice command and prevent them from chasing the cows.
  • Fences: Most fences on the farm are barbed wire and while they can be crossed, we do it all the time, use extra caution as they can tear clothes and skin easily. Please don’t abuse the wire, our highly intelligent cows will take advantage of holes in the fence or any downed wire.
  • Gates: You are welcome to pass through them but please leave them as you find them, they are left open or closed for a reason.
  • Roads: There are many roads on the farm, all in varying degrees of condition. Most are quite passable with a normal passenger vehicle. There are some rough areas, if you have a car that rides lower than usual or is particularly fancy you may want to consider alternate transportation. Motorcycles are most welcome but you will have to navigate 1.3 miles of marginally maintained gravel road to get to Milt’s Place.
  • Buildings and Farm Equipment: For your safety and our privacy, we ask that you refrain from entering any buildings or climbing on any equipment .
  • Snakes, Bugs, Creatures, and Mammals of the Ozarks: Mother Nature rules out here, and with the amazing and beautiful also comes the strange and sometimes undesirable or misunderstood. Our rural location provides a perfect setting for these creatures to thrive. There are poisonous snakes, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, leeches, snapping turtles, skunks, and porcupine. It is very rare but black bears, mountain lions, and bobcats have been seen or left their marks on the farm. There are dozens more animal species as well, if it lives in Missouri, it might be here. These are all indigenous creatures and the people that have lived here have successfully coexisted with them for eons. Do your research, travel on the farm with care and please ask us if you have any questions.