Milt Sr with Horse

Our family first settled in Virginia and then made their way to Kentucky and by the early 1800’s arrived in this Missouri river valley we now call home. The first tract of land started with a land grant in 1832, which includes the acreage around Milt’s Place. The generations of Yearys have farmed this valley ever since, living off the land to supplement their food supply, and enjoying the beauty in their off time.

The romance for us really starts when our grandmother, Frances, came out to the country from Cuba to live and teach at Yeary School House, a version of which still stands today. It is here she met our grandfather, Milton, fell in love with the family and the land and they eloped a short time later. They worked hard tending the land, growing the farm and raising two children. Life wasn’t always easy but they always made do and enjoyed and appreciated what they had. This led to 62 years of bliss together, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren and this current version of Yeary Farms.

yeary school house 2000

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