Milt’s Place

This home is comfortable all year round, you don’t even have to leave the house to have a rejuvenating weekend. The views of the sky, wildlife, landscape, and the ever present two hundred year old white oaks standing just below the house will entertain you and keep you company for days. If the weather is bad, just make a pot of chile, bake some brownies, read a book or watch a movie and let nature create her beauty outside.

Milt’s Place is a three bedroom, two bath home perched on a west facing knoll above a beautiful Meramec river valley in the middle of Yeary Farms. This custom built home was placed on its location to embrace not only the stunning landscapes but the sunlight from promising sunrise to celebratory sunset. Nature paints her picture out every window, and on each porch and deck there are comfortable places to gather with friends and loved ones or to steal away a moment of quiet for yourself.

The kitchen is well equipped, with a gas stove and most of the basic utensils and appliances you will need to have a great time cooking and baking. Great vacations usually include great food and we want to create an atmosphere that promotes that.

What makes this place really unique as a retreat is its access to the surrounding farm and river, you are the only guest! Its attributes can be enjoyed through so many lenses and that’s what makes it so special for us to share with you. Enjoy!

Main Floor


  • one bedroom with one queen size bed and one twin bed

big bedroom 3big bedroom 4big bedroom 5


  • one bedroom with one queen size bed

little bedroom 3little bedroom 1


  • walk in shower with handrails
  • toilet with handrails
  • washer and dryer

bathroom 1bathroom 3washer dryer


  • dining table
  • seating area with 2 couches and a chair
  •  42″ LCD flatscreen with bluetooth sound bar, CD/DVD playergreat room and hallgreat room tvgreat room with table


  • gas stove
  • dishwasher
  • microwave
  • coffee maker
  • toaster
  • breakfast nookkitchen 2

kitchen 1

  • screened porch with seating area and table

screened porch 1screened porch 2

Lower Level

Bedroom Suite:

  • one queen size bedbed in basement suite
  • living areabasement suite living area
  • bathbasement suite bath 1basement bath suite 3basement suite bath 2


  • front porch with seating areaMilt's Place front porch
  • back deck with seating areaback deck


  • telephone for local calls or calling cards (cell service at the house is spotty for some providers, on top of the hill is usually best)
  • wi-fi